All Points Builders, Inc. has a team that focuses on interior remodeling and another team that focuses on the following exterior projects: 
-Roofing / Gutters

What sets us apart?
-Locally owned and operated.
-We inspect all our jobs.
-We do! We will inspect the material for accuracy and will be on the job site numerous times during the day.
-We do not ask for money up front. You pay upon completion of the roof.
-We will invoice your insurance company (if needed) for you to get any remaining funds.
-We color match all the roof, siding and window accessories to ensure everything looks perfect.
-All trash and old materials are cleaned up daily.

We replace siding, windows and roofs for any number of reasons; however, many customers call us after a storm.  Rest assured that we can handle every aspect of your storm damage from working with the insurance company and meeting with you to select new products to the actual installation and clean-up. We'll work as quickly as possible to get your home looking perfect.

Our sales staff is qualified to handle insurance claims and restoration contracts. We will interact with your adjuster to come to a mutual resolution for the scope of damages prior to beginning the work. The only cost to you will be your insurance deductible. We will handle everything from start to finish including the necessary paperwork. Below is a quick snapshot of steps we follow to help take the hassle out of putting your home back to pre-storm condition.

Step 1: Call us for a storm inspection. All Points Builders will come by your property, conduct a thorough hail inspection and inform you of our discoveries.
Step 2: File the claim. The homeowner must call the claim into the insurance company. Be sure you have recorded the date of loss/storm. Inform them that a qualified contractor has examined your property and found considerable hail, wind or water damage. Ask for a claim number, then call your All Point Builders representative with the insurance claim number. This is the only way an All Points Builders representative can track which adjuster has been assigned to your claim.
Step 3: Schedule the Visit. The insurance adjuster and your All Points Builders representative will schedule a time to visit your property. We will inform you of when that scheduled appointment will take place. We will assist the adjuster to identify all storm related damage.
Step 4: Home owner should follow up with insurance company. The adjuster will submit his report to the insurance company, who will then send a loss summary report detailing the scope of damages that they are willing to pay for.
Step 5: Finalizing the Project. Your All Points Builders representative will review the loss summary report to insure the agreed scope of damage is complete and accurate. You, the homeowner, will select the materials and colors to be used. Homeowner authorizes the work to be done.
Step 6: Completing the Project. Homeowner needs to contact their All Points Builders representative upon delivery of materials so that we can confirm that the proper materials that you have selected were delivered. Your All Points Builders representative will keep you informed as to the anticipated installation schedule. We schedule all work to be completed in a professional and timely fashion.
Step 7: Payment - All Points Builders collects payment after the satisfactory completion of each job. We will notify the insurance company at the completion of the project to release any remaining funds. Homeowner is only responsible for upgrades and deductibles. We can also help handle any two-part checks that may include your mortgage company. Warranties are delivered upon completion of job and receipt of full payment. 

What to expect during roofing, siding or window replacement.
There may be a truck unloading materials to your home soon. Please notify All Points Builders immediately so we can inventory the materials delivered. Be prepared for the noise associated with construction. You may want to plan some time away from the house while the job is in progress.
Please keep children and pets away from the work area! Remove all items from around your house where siding and roofing debris or bundles of shingles might fall, including patio and pool furniture, potted plants, gardening equipment and grills. Remove all loose items from shelving and walls including pictures, mirrors, plates, figurines, etc. Hammering may create vibration that could shake these items off the shelves and walls. We will need access to your driveway to load debris and to clean up.

Please park your cars, motorcycles, bicycles and boats away from the driveway. Occasionally power tools are needed to cut decking, install power vents, etc. If an outside power outlet is not available, a power source supplied the day of installation would be appreciated. Nails that fall from the roof during the job will be picked up with a magnetic nail roller. We will make every effort to pick up all nails. Please be advised that a few hidden nails in the grass or shrubbery may remain.

We try to take every precaution to protect your flowers, plants, trees and shrubs. However, please understand that at times due to the layout of the landscape or if the roof is very steep, some leaves or blooms may be knocked off from falling debris.   Precautions  are also taken to prevent gutter damage. However, there are instances when damage to gutters in unavoidable especially on very steep roofs or ones that are completely surrounded by gutters. Your homeowner’s insurance should cover any damage.

For each day it rains, work your home will be delayed. All Points Builders crews are instructed not to tear off more than they can replace in one day, so that your home is not exposed to inclement weather. All Points Builders will make every effort to make this project run smoothly with the least amount of inconvenience for you and your family.

Call us today at 763-424-4281 to discuss your project! We are happy to visit with you in your home and offer a free estimate, whether your project is storm related or not.

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